Interview with The Barn at Rock Creek

I remember the first time I drove up to the Barn at Rock Creek’s gates. It was last October for a bridal mixer hosted by Wilmington Weddings and Events. I couldn’t believe I’d never been there before, because the property is straight up stunning.

Total privacy in over 15 acres of beautiful nature, this place is a photographer’s paradise. The barn itself is something you gotta see! Situated at the end of a long gravel driveway, the barn is two stories of wedding venue perfection. The top floor has two suites for the bride and groom to get ready in, and the ground floor is a giant reception hall complete with bar and awesome chandeliers!

I recently shot a bridal session here, and after the shoot I sat down with the manager Lesley to hear all about what makes The Barn at Rock Creek so special. Here’s what she had to say.

Q1. How did The Barn come to be?

A: “The Barn was built in 2014, and we started the venue after other brides were interested in it while my husband and I were planning our wedding here.”

Q2. What makes The Barn such a unique venue?

A: “Everything we have that is a part of The Barn is family related. We were building it for our wedding, so everything was based around that. Everything was either a family heirloom or something that came from our wedding.”

Q3. What part of the venue is the biggest crowd  pleaser?

A: “The outdoor space, I would have to say. It’s a lot of lawn area where they like to play their games outside. We have several ceremony sites in the outdoor space, and just so much room. It’s on fifteen acres of land. There’s a lot of room to roam.”

the pond at the barn at rock creek wedding venue

Q4. How many events do you host in a day?  

A: “One per day.”

Q5. How many weddings do you book in a year?

A: “About thirty-five.”

Q5. When would you say is the busiest time of the year for weddings?

A: “The fall for us.”

Q6. What inspired you and your family to open up The Barn?

A: “My husband and I getting married and planning the wedding, but really it was when other people became interested in it. While we were building, we were working on the property and people would ask about it and if they could rent it. So, that’s where The Barn kind of came from.”

Q7. What would you say the biggest selling point is when it comes to couples booking weddings at the barn?

A: “I think it is the landscape of everything. It’s gorgeous, it’s quiet, and you’re not in the busy city of Wilmington.

Q8. How would you persuade a client to see the value of your venue?

A: “I put a lot of time into any event that we have. The Barn is my baby, so it means a lot to me. Everyone that books here is very special to me.”

bridal suite balcony at the barn at rock creek

Q9. What style of decorations do you think are going to be most popular this year?

A: “At our venue, they always go for that rustic elegance. Some of it is very very country shabby chic, some of it is a little more fancy. I’m really trying to show them different looks. I’m trying to move out of the mason jars and the burlap, but it’s popular because it’s a barn. I find that now that we’ve added drapery and the more higher end look, when people see pictures of it they always go for it. It just shows them how to decorate a little bit differently than just your rustic, farm style wedding.”

Q10. Who would you say your ideal couple is?

A: “We have such a wide range of couples, but they have to love the outdoors.”

Q11. Do you have any interesting/funny stories?

A: “One time there was this guy who was a surprise singer for the couple. He literally sounded like Elvis. He was incredible!

I had a falcon fly in our wedding rings. Our friends owned this falcon, and we asked them if they could train one of their birds to fly in our wedding rings at the ceremony. They did and my husband would hold food in his hand. The falcon was about 300 yards away and was able to smell the food in his hand. That was how we got him to fly in the wedding rings. We have these gates at the ceremony site and when they went to ask for the rings, he put on the glove and hung out his arm. They slung out the gates and the falcon just flew right down the aisle. When he landed on his arm he just spread all the way out and then Stan untied it, and then he flew back.”

bridal suite at the barn at rock creek

Q12. What is the biggest lesson you have learned while working at The Barn?

A: “I think that would have to be about the vendors. How important it is to communicate with the vendors and have relationships with them as well. That really makes for a successful event.”  


There you have it! For more info on the Barn at Rock Creek, check out their beautiful website here. Tell them Marcus Anthony sent you, and ask for Lesley!