Five Tips for Picture Perfect Wedding Photos!

A wedding day only lasts 24 hours (and hopefully you’ll be sleeping for some of those), but you’ll be looking through the photos for years to come. “Perfect” is an overused word when it comes to weddings, but there’s no way around it in this case: you want your wedding photos to be absolutely, positively, 100 percent perfect.

I can’t blame you, and you deserve that perfection. In my experience as a wedding photographer I’ve picked up on a few tips that will help you get those perfect wedding photos.

Plan Ahead and Share Your Vision

You should book your wedding photographer a long time before the wedding day, and this article goes into some detail about how to choose a good one.

When you work with me, you and I will become close friends in the weeks leading up to your wedding, because we’ll be taking that time to get clear on what you want from your wedding photos. More than likely, we will have also completed an engagement shoot or a bridal portrait experience.


By the time your wedding day rolls around, I’ll know that you prefer the left side of your face to the right side, that you want to show off the shoes that used to belong to your grandmother, and that I should never arrange your mother and mother-in-law next to each other.

I’ll also have an understanding of the moments that you envision as the most special to you: the look in your partner’s eyes when you read your vows, the moment right before your first kiss as husband and wife, or when the four-year-old ring bearer tries to take off his tie. With your wishes in mind, I’ll keep an eye out for these moments and more.

Imagine It’s the Happiest Day of Your Life

Oh, wait…it is! That means there is no reason to plaster a smile on your face that ends up looking fake by the time the last photo is taken. Your cheeks will get tired, and there will be something about the photos that just doesn’t seem right.


You don’t have to be smiling in every picture, so don’t force it. Allow your smiles to be driven by genuine emotion. I’ll be there to capture each moment regardless, and you’ll find you love the stories your faces tell as you move from wedding prep to ceremony to reception.

Remember: You’re Looking Your Best

Confidence shines through in photographs, and on your wedding day you’ll have it in spades. With a perfectly fitted dress and professionally done hair and make-up, you won’t have to wonder whether or not you’re going to look good in the photos. You most definitely will.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to start a proper diet and skincare routine months before your special day. Check out the infographic below from for some simple skincare tips!

wedding day skincare tips

Furthermore, happiness always looks beautiful, and you and every one of your guests will be glowing with the help of a little filter called joy.

Get Silly

Pull the groom’s tie, do a high kick, or throw your head back in maniacal laughter. As time passes, the photos that will make you the happiest will be the ones where you’re being yourself, where the joy radiates across the years and through the photograph.


There’s more to all of us than standing straight with a perfectly tilted head. Give yourself permission to be silly if you want to. Be yourself. (And if “yourself” accidentally scrunches up her face in a way that makes her uncomfortable, we’ll just delete that one. That’s the beauty of modern picture-taking technology.)

Ditch the Stress

It’s not your job to take perfect wedding photos, it’s mine. So don’t worry about a thing! I’ve got this covered. You just get married.

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