In today’s digital society, more people than ever are skipping the print creation stage, choosing instead to keep their photos stored on their phones, in the cloud, or on their hard drives. For major events, however, you want to be sure that you’re taking your materials the extra mile. Instead of keeping your wedding photos in digital format, make sure you embrace the importance of the print and have your photographer make an album, canvases, wall portraits, or another form of finished art of your favorite wedding pictures. You owe it, not only to yourself, but to future generations of your family to preserve those important pictures in print.

Look Back on All the Details

Your smart phone screen is tiny. Even your computer screen simply isn’t as large or as detailed as a good-quality canvas or wall hanging. When you look back at your wedding day, you don’t want to be squinting down at an ever-smaller device. Instead, you want to be able to look at your memories in all their glory.

Protect Against Hard Drive Failure

You never know when a hard drive is going to fail or a glitch with your cloud storage device will successfully obliterate some of your favorite memories. Don’t run the risk that you’ll see your favorite moments from your wedding disappear forever! Instead, choose print media: prints to hang in a collage, a wedding album, or whatever other method appeals to you most.


Share Your Memories

Odds are good that many of the people you loved most shared your wedding day with you. In future years, however, there will be new people in your life who mean just as much: children, grandchildren, and others who are eager to hear all the important details of that day. As much as you’d like to believe that your memory will last forever, it will likely fade over time.

Having a wedding album allows you to share all those important facts with those little ones as they crawl up in your lap–and there’s something about snuggling up together with a physical album that’s much more personal than clicking through a slideshow on the computer.

Keep Important Memories at the Forefront

When you have canvases on your walls, you get to see them every day–and that means you can smile every time you look back on those important moments. Instead of seeing them lost among the hundreds and even thousands of photo files that you’ve saved in the same location, bring your wedding pictures out into the light and enjoy everything that goes along with it.

Your Wedding Album is Your First Family Heirloom

Your wedding album is your first opportunity to create something with your new spouse that will be passed own through the family line. It tells an important story of that critical day, allowing you to share those lovely moments with your entire family forever.

Wedding Albums

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Gifts

Your wedding day was a cherished day in your life. There are other people who cherish those moments just as much as you did. Putting together photo gifts for parents and grandparents is a great way to offer them a personal gift that they will love just as much as you do.

Because I understand the importance of saving your memories in printed form, I’ve made an effort to refine my skills to create the best wall art and high-quality albums. A $2000 album costs just fourteen cents per day over the next forty years. Don’t let your wedding memories disappear into the digital cloud, never to be seen again. Instead, commit to beautiful prints that will last for a lifetime.


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