This is no secret: the years pass quickly. As an adult, you might feel more or less the same from year to year, aside from those pesky gray hairs and sudden unexpected exclamations of, “Oh, my back!” However, your children are changing on a daily basis. They’re hardly recognizable from one year to the next, and that’s why family portraits are so important.

Each one captures your family as you are now. It wouldn’t be possible to get the same photo tomorrow, let alone next year. I recommend getting family portraits every year, starting today. (Don’t take that literally; I’m booked up today. Give me a call and we’ll schedule for the very near future.)

Family Portraits are Special

Chances are, you’ve got 1,000 photos of your children on your smartphone, which is wonderful. But what are you doing with them? How many of them are blurry? How many of them feature your entire family together?


These smartphone photos capture day-to-day life, and they’re important, too, but there’s something special about a portrait session and the resulting photos. The session itself is a special occasion, and depending upon the ages of your children and what kind of mood everyone is in, the session can be, shall we say, memorable.

Even if everyone cooperates and no one spills red juice on a white shirt, the process of choosing outfits, getting ready, and playing together to create beautiful photos is a family outing unlike any other. I’m not going to ask you to sit on stools in the studio and paste fake grins on your faces, unless your goal is to make it on one of those Awkward Family Photo lists, in which case, let’s bring in the outer space cat background and do it up right. Instead, I’m going to learn about who you are as a family, and together we’ll choose a great location for your photo shoot that allows you all to feel like yourselves.


We’ll get the red juice stain shot if it comes to that, and there’s a good chance you’re going to love it. Why? Because your child is at an age where red juice gets spilled, and you’re at an age where it seems like an okay idea to give a child red juice before a photo shoot. This is who your family is! And it’s incredibly beautiful.


They Make Beautiful Gifts

Don’t know what to get Great Aunt Sharon for her birthday? A framed family portrait is perfect! You can make a tradition every year of gifting grandparents and other family members with your favorite family photos. Of course, you’ll need a great shot for your holiday cards, as well, and after our session you’ll have plenty to choose from.

You’ll Love to Look Back at How Your Family Grows

You might create an album for each child featuring the best portrait from each year, or choose your favorites to frame and hang in the hallway. You’ll love looking back on how far you’ve all come, and as your children grow up and start taking family portraits of their own, they will cherish these photos even more.


No one likes to admit it, but our memories, even the best and brightest ones, tend to fade. (There’s that aging thing again!) A photo session is a memorable experience, and the photos we get from it are lasting reminders not only of that special event, but of that entire chapter in your lives.

This day doesn’t come back around. There’s no second chance to capture the way you and your children are right now, so let’s schedule that family portrait session. You’ll be glad you did.

I’m proud to announce that I’m now offering family portraits in my brand new studio! Come capture those precious moments with your loved ones in a private setting with a photographer who won’t make you feel awkward. Click here to contact me now.