Are you searching for a Wilmington NC wedding planner that does it all? From planning to design to florals, the team at Port City Event Planners can transform your vision for your special day into a spectacular reality.

After photographing a wedding that was planned by her team this summer, I sat down with business owner Heather Healy to discuss her passion for the wedding industry and why she does what she does.


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1. MA: Why do you do what you do?

Heather: I do what I do out of passion. I love the idea of creating an event from scratch – taking someone’s thoughts and ideas and putting them together into one unique look and vision that my client hasn’t quite been able to articulate for themselves.

2. MA: So did you plan your own wedding?

Heather: I did! My background is in financial planning, so I took a BIG steer to the right with this business. I was always creative as a kid with a big closet full of crafts. So I’m happy to be in an industry that allows me to express my creative side.

My sister’s wedding was actually the catalyst for my career change – which was before my own wedding. Then I helped with her baby shower, then my own wedding. And at that point I said “THIS IS IT!”


3. MA: What makes you different than other planners?

Heather: I go into every wedding trying to build a solid relationship with my clients and treating their special day as if it was my own. In fact, when I speak about clients’ weddings, I will often refer to it as “my wedding” because I truly treat it as my own.

I don’t track hours, I don’t track time. I will do whatever is needed to execute my clients’ vision. Everything that comes out of my shop is a true reflection of my clients’ dreams and my passion for this business.

Most of my clients become my friends. I still go to dinner with brides and grooms whose weddings I’ve helped plan years ago.

4. MA: What is your greatest client success story?

Heather: I am absolutely thrilled when a bride shows up to her wedding and bursts into tears because what I’ve created for them is so far outside what they ever could have imagined.

I can think of 4 or 5 clients who fit into this category. I have so many success stories like this, and I love going above and beyond. I always have a few small surprises that brides and grooms don’t know about before they arrive to their venue – things that give the look/feel/vibe a finishing touch.


5. MA: What are the benefits of hiring a planner versus not?

Heather: First and foremost is the reduced stress level. Planning a wedding is a journey – it’s not just about having someone to help with a few small things like setting up tables.

We help with the flowers, the graphic design, the planning, the invitations, etc. I help my brides experience a carefree day in a bright, airy dream world. What’s great about helping with all aspects of the day is that you will receive a cohesive, polished look and feel on your wedding day.

After working with some of my clients for over a year I know exactly what they want and what they don’t want. This allows me to make executive decisions that I’M CERTAIN they will be okay with. Again…this helps lower their stress level. Making decisions = stress! I think that’s a big part of what we help with.

As you can see Heather goes waaaaay above and beyond for her brides and grooms.

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