Amber Lanier has a rare ability to see the beauty in everything – “even the ugly things”.

Her design style embraces things most people would never think of incorporating into an event – moss, acorns, and dead tree branches are just a few examples.

As soon as you meet Amber you realize you’re in the presence of a true artist – someone who sees the world differently. She’s able to bring that point of view into her Wilmington NC design business, and I absolutely had to sit down and interview her.


Check out what makes Designs by Amber Lanier different below!

1. MA: Why do you do what you do? 

Amber: I love to make things pretty. Having people experience all aspects of nature in a beautiful way is something that inspires me. I’m a forager, so I bring in all kinds of things into my work. Just simply being able to create something is the way my brain is wired.

2. MA: What makes you different from other designers?

Amber: My style! People call me “organic, or botanical, or flowy”. I love a lot of movement and texture. Looking for something DIFFERENT to implement in the details of each event fulfills me.

3. MA: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned and would pass along to other designers just starting out?

Amber: Be yourself! It’s HARD in any creative industry to keep your blinders on and not focus on what everyone else is doing. Stay true to your creative voice and believe in yourself.


4. MA: What’s one of your greatest client success stories?

Amber: This Spring I had a wedding at the Barn at Rock Creek, with a reception at Manna and Bourgie Nights. I had to bust my butt to get everything decorated without a full service staff, and when I finally got the images back from the event I was so proud. The day after the event I was absolutely spent, but it was worth it knowing I took care of my clients to the best of my ability.

Also…this might be small but I got an email the other day from a potential bride who simply said “I love your work”. And to have someone appreciate my work without having to “pitch it” is always a rewarding thing as a creative business.

5. MA: What are the benefits of hiring a designer over just a planner?

Amber: A big part of what I do is floral design. Many florists will deliver the flowers you want, but they won’t be arranged. And brides find themselves building bouquets on their wedding day instead of hanging with their bridesmaids!


If you want a beautiful wedding, you need to hire someone like myself who knows what they’re doing and will make your florals beautiful. Don’t spend time on your wedding day doing things yourself. It’s stressful! And there’s never enough time.

6. MA: Any quick tips for brides and grooms on their wedding day?

Amber: Keep your boutonnieres refrigerated and your bouquets in water!

You can check out Amber’s website here. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @designsbyamberlanier