When you look so darn good in every photo, the task of choosing one or two for your wall art can be challenging. But hey, at least you can’t go wrong, right?

That’s basically true, but these tips will help you narrow down all those great photos to select the one (or ones) that will grace your wall for years to come.

Tell a Story

Your still, smiling faces are great, but a dynamic photo showing an activity or emotional reaction will draw more attention as wall art, and you’ll enjoy it more. Choose a photo that captures a moment in your lives: maybe Dad dropped and shattered the pumpkin he was holding and everyone else is laughing hysterically. Maybe your son said something funny or shocking and everyone is exchanging “what the…?” glances. Maybe you’re all so in love with each other you’ve forgotten I’m even there taking photos. That’s a good one.


These are the types of photos that will make you say, “Remember that time?” They draw you in to look for details you may have missed. They become conversation starters and memory igniters from the wall of your living room.

Consider Placement

The image you’d put in the living room might not be the same one you’d want in your dining area or family room. The colors of your walls and furniture could also play a role in which photo you choose, or you may decide a black and white image would work best. Before making a selection, know where you want it to hang.


Don’t Embarrass Your Kids

Put yourself in their shoes a year (or five or ten years) down the road. When they’re teenagers, will the photo embarrass them in some way if their friends were to see it? Now, teenagers are tricky, so it’s hard to guess everything that might embarrass them, but you can bet that however cute and funny it is that your six-year-old is picking her nose while everyone else in the photo is focused on something else, it probably won’t be funny to her when she’s 16.

That’s an easy one, but keep an eye out for that type of thing in general.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Photo (or One Canvas)

You could choose three related photos and print them on three canvases, or divide one photo into three parts to print on three canvases. If you really can’t decide between a few favorites, see about incorporating all of them into one piece of wall art.


Ask for a Second Opinion

I know better than to make this decision for you, but I do look at a lot of photos every day. I have an eye for this kind of thing. I could make it my life’s work. I did, in fact, make it my life’s work. What I’m saying is, I’m glad to take a look at your final choices and offer my thoughts on why I might choose one or the other. You can then take those suggestions or nod, smile, and do the opposite.


If you take votes from family and friends, be prepared to deal with the possibility that they all might prefer your second favorite. In the end, this art is about you. It’s in your home, and you’ll be experiencing it every day. Choose the photo you can’t take your eyes away from. Basically, this:

Feel For an Emotional Response

When you look at the photo, how do you feel? Joyful? Nostalgic? Loving? These are all valid and wonderful, and are indicative that you’re looking at a fantastic photo. Select the images that stir something inside you, because that’s what all good art does.