Who, what, when, where, and how are simple questions that can help us organize just about anything. When it comes to family photographs, you already know the who and what, and I can help you with the when and how. Which leaves one question: Where?

It might be as simple as choosing your favorite family hangout—or not. Here’s why, along with some other things you’ll want to think about when choosing the perfect location for your family portrait session.

Home Decor

Family portraits are usually displayed somewhere in your home, so you have to think about how they’re going to fit with the colors and decor in your house.

You’ll want your location, as well as your outfits, to match the theme in your home; coordinate any colors you choose so they don’t clash with the walls or furniture.

In a modern home, studio portraits are a great option. In a rustic home, a vintage frame can help a studio portrait mesh with the rest of the decor.

Studio Family Portrait

At-Home Lifestyle Sessions

You know what goes with your home’s decor? Your very own home! We can do a photo shoot right there in your house, so there’s no worry about matching anything.

The added benefit is that your family is already perfectly comfortable in this setting: you can all be yourselves, and save a little time on preparation, too. Plus, if anyone forgets something, they can just run upstairs and get it. Simple!

At-home sessions are a great opportunity for fun arrangements and activities, since we have a lot of different backgrounds and props available.

Family Home Portrait

Permissions and Special Considerations

A favorite family hot spot, like a park or an ice cream shop, can make a great backdrop for your photo shoot. Assuming that the style and colors will work well in your home, each location also comes with its own considerations:

  • Outdoor Locations: Weather is a big one here, as is extra noise or lots of people. For example, in a busy park, we might spend too much time waiting for other people to get out of the shot. An especially hot day can damper young spirits (and adult spirits, for that matter), while wind can cause wardrobe and hair malfunctions.
  • Small Businesses: A small business owner, like the owner of your favorite pizza place or ice cream shop, would probably be delighted to have his or her business serve as the location for your family photo shoot. Still, we’ll want to work with the owner to find a good day and time that won’t interfere with his or her busiest hours.
  • Animals: You probably want your pet in your family photos, right? If so, the location needs to work for Fido or Fluffy, too. If your cat is a flight risk, photographs in the forest might not be the best idea.

Clothing Coordination

You and your family might have to decide if what you wear is more important than a specific location, or vice versa, because you’ll want to be dressed as if you belong in the location. For example, if everyone is set on formal outfits but you really want to do a playful outdoor shoot, it may not come together that well. Choose the right location, then choose the outfits that suit that location in terms of style and color.

Not to compare this all to rocket science, but still: you’ll want to spend some time considering the perfect location for your family photo shoot. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Find the right answer to that “where?” question, and we have everything we need to create your treasured family photographs.

Family Beach Portrait