You only turn 30 once, and Katie and I decided we should each get to pick a place to go on vacation for our 30th.

In 2016, it was my turn, and since our birthdays are only a day and a year apart it would be her turn in 2017!

I decided on a cabin in the woods. Specifically a little town called Nederland, just outside Boulder, Colorado.

To this day it is one of my favorite vacations EVER! I was SO relaxed there. The weather was perfect, the scenery was breathtaking, and the company was just right 🙂

I was rather obsessed with waterfalls (still am) on this trip, so pardon the waterfall overload in the photos.

Highlight of the trip was probably the incredible Fourth of July Trail in Eldora, CO. At just under 11,000 feet high the oxygen is a bit thin, and Katie ended up getting a bit sick. We had to take several breaks on the 6 mile hike to catch our breath. Even though the climb is moderate, the lack of oxygen makes it 10x harder!

We were also blessed with an ultra rare blood red sunset the first night we were there. It lit up a ridge-line next to our cabin and backlit this HUGE pine tree and I was able to get the most majestic photograph!!! It only lasted maybe 3-5 minutes though, but man was it one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


waterfall on the fourth of july trail in colorado man wearing a hoodie in nederland colorado

blood red sunset in nederland colorado

Being up so high the clouds hit the mountains, so it almost appears like it was a forest fire!

30th birthday breakfast

Birthday breakfast of champions!

girl in bed covering her face from embarassment

Katie wasn’t having it haha.

fourth of july trail in coloradoautumn leaves in boulder coloradogirl with pink hair hiking in the woods in coloradogorgeous yellow meadow in nederland colorado

reflection photography

I’m so artistic!

fourth of july trail view waterfall in nederland colorado snowy colorado highway random creek in colorado man standing on deck in nederland colorado girl standing on mountain in nederland colorado mill in nederland colorado 30th birthday boulder creek nederland colorado vacation photos