Every year since I’ve met Katie, the day after Christmas we go to her Uncle’s house in Florida and stay til New Year’s.

One year in particular Katie got it in her head that we should take the ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Aruba and stay for New Year’s. It was only like $80 as opposed to the $400 plane ticket so I agreed.

That was the beginning of the worst four hours of my time on Earth.

After a lovely time with Katie’s family, where the ground stays relatively stationary, we drove to the port where the ferry departed.

Apparently the word “ferry” is a loose term, as this was clearly just a massive speed boat. We’d be cruising to Aruba at 50mph and should arrive in about 2 hours. No problem. I even took some dramamine just in case.

Less than 15 minutes into the journey, everyone around me was vomiting. The sea was angry, and the violent up and down motion of the boat proved too much for about half the boat’s passengers. People were puking on the floor, into bags, and over the decks. One dude couldn’t stop LOUDLY dry heaving.

Katie had to go outside because her hands were cramping up…so bizarre. I followed her out, and we rode the rest of the 3.5 hour nightmare sitting on the boat’s deck. That’s right, I said 3.5 hours. Originally estimated at 2 hours.

Thanks cold front!

We eventually arrived in paradise with empty stomachs and shaky legs. Needless to say we purchased plane tickets to come back.

ANYWAYS…here are the photos from our trip.


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