Over the last few years, Vanity Fair has published their Oscar party portraits taken by celebrity photographer Mark Seliger.

Vanity Fair in general publishes impossibly gorgeous portraits of celebrities on a regular basis, and this was the inspiration for Danny + Birgit’s studio bridal portraits taken earlier this year.

Seliger builds a custom set at each Oscar party, and we wanted to create something special as well so we rented some vintage furniture and props from L+L RentalsĀ to give the portraits that little something extra.

The incredibly talented Laura Mangin from Dalisay Salon provided Birgit’s hair and makeup.

Danny + Birgit knew going into this that I was going to take my time on the posing, lighting, and set design of each image to get as close to perfect as I could straight out of the camera. The other 10% would be done in Photoshop to create the final color toning necessary to give it that Hollywood look and feel.

The results speak for themselves and I’m SO proud of what we accomplished together. Danny and B are not actors or models (although they are a great looking couple), and I think that makes these portraits that much more special.

They selected my Premium Bridal Portrait Experience, which includes a 20×30″ framed print signed by yours truly.

marcus anthony holding framed print of bridal portrait

It truly is amazing what you can do with the right lighting, enough time, and a pair of beautiful souls.

Enjoy the photos!

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