Everybody is waiting and asking for those first baby pictures. You know yourself that you want all of those pictures to show how special your bundle of joy really is. You can take dozens with your phone but none of them will compare to those professional shots that bring out the cutest in your little one.

With that in mind, it’s important to do a little planning ahead of the big day. The right steps will ensure that not only will you get those all important perfect pics, you can rest assured that baby will enjoy the whole experience. After all, who can enjoy the memory of getting pictures taken if those memories are tainted with an uncomfortable, distraught baby?

So here are a few things to put on the checklist to get the most out of your baby’s professional photography session:


If you plan your session shortly after your baby’s meal or snack time, a cranky, hungry little one won’t show up in the photograph. A baby with a full, burped belly will enjoy the experience more. You might also want to bring a little extra in case the session runs longer than planned or baby Sally has decided she didn’t get enough.


On that same note, the impending, inevitable diaper change should be taken into account as well. A full or wet diaper will not give baby girl any reason to smile. I’ve noticed that a couple extra diapers usually came in handy during these sessions.


Warmth is included in that as well. Babies, particularly newborns, get cold easily. We keep our studio warm for that reason. We keep plenty of blankets on hand or you might want to bring one of your own. If we’re shooting at your house, you might even want to kick your own heat up a bit for the duration.

As much as you want those solo shots, it might be necessary for your to hold baby for a bit to quiet her or to keep her from getting anxious. If you’re camera-shy, we may just need the use of your loving arms. We understand that new mothers can be a little camera shy and won’t pressure you. But if you are comfortable with it, you might want to dress appropriately, just in case.



It has a calming effect on baby. It can also serve as a bit of a mood setter. If you have a favorite selection you would like to use during this time, please feel welcome to do so.

Now for a somewhat touchy subject: pacifiers. Not everyone is a fan and that is perfectly understandable. But pacifiers are great – well – pacifiers when baby is a bit fussy. They have a great calming effect when baby is in a new environment. I am not an advocate or salesperson for pacifiers, but I’m suggesting that one be brought with your basket of preparations. ‘Nuff said.


Most importantly, relax and be ready to enjoy a fun-filled, wonderful experience of capturing these precious moments with your little one. Whether newborn or older we want the best shots to hang on your wall and share with family and friends. When parents are tense or uncomfortable, babies can pick up on that. They can sense joy or a state of relaxation as well. Enjoy the experience and baby will enjoy it too!

Please contact us for more information on how to get the best out of each photography session.