“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
~Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer & Photographer

You, looking radiant, beautiful, and blissed out.

Him, looking deliriously “I-can’t believe-I-got-the-girl” happy.

Both of you, joyous, beaming, relaxed.

You need a photographer with talent and skill to capture the significant moments that are “impossible to reproduce” on that most special and momentous of occasions.

But for unforgettable images that reveal your singular story as a couple, you also need someone who can make you feel perfectly at ease and wholly comfortable in front of the camera.

That happens to be my specialty.

Hi, I’m Wilmington, North Carolina wedding photographer Marcus Anthony.

The couples I work with see me as a friendly, down-to-earth, fun-loving person who just happens to be a phenomenal photographer. {Or “friend first, photographer second,” as a favorite client once described me.}

Because while photographic talent and technical skill are an important part of the mix, it also takes empathy, a sense of fun & play, and a deep personal connection between the guy behind the lens and the couple in front of it to get the kind of once-in-a-lifetime shots you’ll cherish forever.

about marcus anthony photography

My Approach

I believe that the best wedding day shots start with a connection with your photographer and comfort in front of the lens. I’ve been told by my clients – many of whom I now count as friends – that I have a gift for making even those who have never been photographed feel relaxed and at ease.

On your wedding day, I take a documentary-style approach, meaning I won’t constantly be in your face telling you how to stand. I let each moment of your wedding unfold naturally, and pride myself on being in the right place at the right time to capture genuine moments between you, your fiancé, and your guests.

Above all, my goal is to deliver a world class experience through the art of photography. Your photos will be impeccable, and if I do my job right, you’ll also walk away with a new friend.

If you’d like to take the next step. . .

Feel free to visit my Contact Page to learn about ways we can connect.

And for tried-and-true tips on choosing the ideal photographer for your big day, you can get instant access to my Step-by Step Guide to Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer, plus Top Wilmington Vendor Recommendations, right over here.