I first met Ana and Shawn in NoDa (Charlotte) at Amelie’s Bakery on Super Bowl Sunday. It was a brief, but efficient meeting where they determined that I would be their wedding photographer. Based on my incredible charm I assume.

Fast forward 7 months and we find ourselves on a beautiful beach under some epic clouds. Tiffany wedding bands, a Hayley Paige dress, and seafoam wallpaper. This was going to be a good day.

And it was.

Not only was Kindred Spirit Events coordinating, we had some of the best hair and makeup artists Wilmington has to offer.

Amy Kennison handled the bridal party makeup, and did a phenomenal job. Ana’s skin was flawless. Laura Mangin did a wonderful custom style for each and every bridesmaid.

Needless to say, Ana and her squad looked stunning.

The Blockade Runner Beach Resort at Wrightsville Beach hosted the entire event, from getting ready rooms, to the ceremony in the garden, to the ballroom reception! The hotel was recently remodeled, and it’s got a cool modern funk vibe going on.

Wall 2 Wall Entertainment took care of the DJ services and L+L Rentals provided the reception linens and ceremony arbor!

Enjoy the photos~

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