When it comes to wedding photography, there’s something I deem non-negotiable: the wedding album. In fact, if you don’t want one, then I don’t want you. Okay, that sounds unnecessarily cruel. I know you’re a great person! We can meet for lunch or maybe I can walk your dog sometime. But if you’re not interested in a wedding album, then I’m really not the photographer for you, and that’s okay. We can part ways as friends.

This is how I see it: as a wedding photographer, I specialize in the art of creating heirlooms. That’s what wedding photography is all about: photos that endure the test of time and are enjoyed by generations to come. Keeping your most treasured photos on a computer or flash drive doesn’t allow for years of appreciation and love.


In fact, it’s a good way to lose the photos. Computers crash. Flash drives get misplaced, especially if they were to be given from parent to child to grandchild and beyond. And by that point, who knows if you’ll even still be able to access the photos from that drive? Technology changes on a daily basis, and if you’re not keeping up with it for your photo storage, you could lose those photos forever. When it comes to your most treasured memories, that loss is devastating.

That’s why you get an album! And you get an album! And everybody gets an album!

I don’t even offer any photo packages that don’t include a physical wedding album. If you work with me, you’re getting one, and you have a couple of choices:

Heirloom Wedding Album

At the minimum, my wedding couples receive this 10″x10″ album with lay-flat pages. The binding and pages are of high quality and made to last. You can choose from eight colors for the linen cover. We’ll have an album design meeting two weeks after your wedding where you’ll be able to select your photos, indicate other preferences, and even add extra pages if you’d like. This process is an enjoyable part of your wedding photography experience, as well.


Signature Collection Album

This optional upgrade delivers the best album money can buy. It’s highly detailed at 12″x18″ with the option for a handmade Italian leather cover. The velvet-lined inside cover and handmade walnut wood storage box come standard. It’s a work of art in its own right, and when you add your unique personal wedding photos it becomes a one-of-a-kind treasure for you as the couple and for your entire family yet to come.


You can visit the studio to see examples of both of these albums to see which one seems right for you and your family.

The wedding album is your first family heirloom. Unlike a flash drive, you’ll always know where your album is, whether you keep it on the coffee table or on a shelf, and you’ll love looking through it and reminiscing about your special day. It’s a way for your children to get to know how you were before they came around, and a way for your grandchildren and great grandchildren to connect with their ancestors.

This is why albums are important to me. I’m absolutely passionate about their value, and I want you to experience what they can mean to you and your family.

I know this: you’ll never regret getting an album, but you may very well regret not getting one.

If you’re an album person, too, contact me to learn more about my wedding photography. I’d love to get to know you and help you preserve your wedding day in stunning images and a treasured album.