“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”
~Ansel Adams, Photographer

Have you ever been to a friend’s home and seen the photographs (or lack thereof) on their walls and thought to yourself “Hmmm that’s nice”? Make no mistake – in today’s world this is the same as saying “BOOOORRRIINNNGGG”.

I was put on this Earth to change that.

My name is Marcus Anthony, and I create images for my clients that make their friends and family say “WOW”.

The family portrait is slowly dying. With the rapid proliferation of the iPhone people can take photos of loved ones that are “good enough”. This has put average professional photographers out of business.

The ones that survive create artwork for your home that lasts for generations, and they do it while giving you the experience of a lifetime.

That happens to be my specialty.

Whether it’s in my state of the art studio in downtown Wilmington, NC or in/around the comfort of your own home – I provide clients with the most breathtaking images of their loved ones that they’ve ever seen.

Because anything less would be a disservice and I would be selling myself short as an artist.

The clients I work with see me as a friendly, down-to-earth, fun-loving person who just happens to be a phenomenal photographer. {Or “friend first, photographer second,” as a favorite client once described me.}

Because while photographic talent and technical skill are an important part of the mix, it also takes empathy, a sense of fun & play, and a deep personal connection between the guy behind the lens and the people in front of it to get the kind of once-in-a-lifetime shots you’ll cherish forever.

about marcus anthony photography

The Experience

I believe that the best portraits start with a connection with your photographer and comfort in front of the lens. I’ve been told by my clients – many of whom I now count as friends – that I have a gift for making even those who have never been photographed feel relaxed and at ease.

Your portrait session will last 60-90 minutes, and will be SO FUN – guaranteed. Whether it’s family pictures, child portraits, or even photos of your pet(s), I’ll be capturing them in a way that shows the BEST version of who they are as individuals – so the images remain genuine.


Only a week after your portraits, you’ll be invited back to my studio to view a cinematic slideshow of your images on an immersive 80″ projector screen. At that point it’s totally up to you to make any artwork purchases – no obligation, no pressure sales techniques.

My clients gravitate towards wall art, and I specialize in one-of-a-kind fine art prints on exotic materials such as metal, acrylic, and museum quality canvas. Any prints you purchase come with the matching digital files, so you can always share photos online.

Above all, my goal is to deliver a world class experience through the art of photography. Your photos will be impeccable, and if I do my job right, you’ll also walk away with a new friend.

If you’d like to take the next step. . .

Feel free to visit my Contact Page to learn about ways we can connect.