According to a recent Women Getting Married article, you can expect to spend between $2,500 and $10,000 on your wedding photography prices!

This is in stark contrast to what most couples expect, especially if they’ve never hired a professional photographer before.

It’s a huge range, and wedding photographer prices vary wildly depending on your location. This awesome infographic from shows what you can expect to pay based on your location in the US.

Comparing Wedding Photography Prices

Keep in mind that these prices include print products ordered and any other packages or add-ons in the invoice. Looks like I need to move to San Francisco!

Wilmington NC wedding photographers come in slightly under the United States average, which is a good thing! It means you can get comparable quality to the high-end photographers in the more expensive cities for a lower price!

If these prices shock you, consider the value of what you receive in comparison to all the other vendors at your wedding. The venue and caterer are usually the highest ticket items on a couple’s must-have list, but if you think about it, what are you walking away with?

Do you get to take the food home with you? Maybe some leftovers…

Can you continue to use the venue any time you want after your wedding day?

Probably not…

What about your wedding photographs? If you think about it, the images we capture of your wedding are the only real thing you get to take with you!

When my clients realize this, they start to recognize the full value of wedding photography. They see that we offer more than just digital files to share on Facebook. We capture your memories for you.

How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a VERY competitive business. That means many beginning professionals will enter the market and charge way below the average cost of a wedding photographer in order to get their businesses rolling.

So many cheap photographers creates the illusion that established photographers who charge $2,500 or more are a “rip-off”. As you can see above, this is clearly not the case.

If your budget is a little tight, here’s a short list of things you can do to save money on wedding photography:

  1. Most professional wedding photographers offer a suite of print products including albums and canvas wall art. See if there’s a discount available if you purchase an album before your wedding date.
  2. Offer to pay in full up front – in exchange for a discount.
  3. Book a half day! Some photographers offer an hourly rate. Use this to your advantage and only book for the most important parts of your wedding.
  4. See if your photographer offers financing. This is a relatively new concept, and most small business won’t offer it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

I hope this short guide answers some of your questions.

If you have more questions about wedding photography, I’m happy to answer them any time.

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