It’s like I tell all my clients:

The most valuable part of professional photography isn’t the photos, it’s the emotions you get from forever capturing the moment.

The type of people that come to me to photograph their weddings or their portraits see the importance in the printed product.

Wall art is the pinnacle of professional photography – it’s what all of us should aspire to when servicing our clients. We aren’t selling photos, we’re selling emotions. And it’s our duty to guide our clients to choose the absolute best artwork for their home.

Being able to share photos on Facebook is awesome. It’s convenient, and it allows people who don’t live close to us to see what we’re up to.

But it isn’t why you’re paying us thousands of dollars. We’re paid for our artistic ability, technical skills, and most importantly: to deliver you a moment captured forever on exquisite photographic paper. Or canvas. Or metal.

You get the idea.


That’s where the value is.

In this video I go over the different wall art that I offer at Marcus Anthony Photography.

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Enjoy the video!