Another year has come and gone and I’m heading into 2018 feeling INSANELY GRATEFUL to be able to do what I love for a living. I am so lucky to have the absolute best clients – I am truly living the dream!

The images below are only a handful of what I believe to be the best photographs of the weddings I shot this year. There were SO MANY I wanted to include but we all know how short people’s attention spans are these days.

Thank you so much to all of my INCREDIBLE clients who gave me total creative freedom and trusted me to do my thing! I wouldn’t be where I am without you!

So without further adieu I give you just a taste of the Top Wedding Photos of 2017!

Enjoy 🙂

Wrightsville-Beach-Bridal-Session-32-copy Wrightsville-Beach-Bridal-Session-17-copy Sarah-+-Jordan-Beall-Wedding-877-copy Sarah-+-Jordan-Beall-Wedding-476-copy Sarah-+-Jordan-Beall-Wedding-451-copy Sarah-+-John-Callaway-Wedding-349-copy Sarah-+-John-Callaway-Wedding-327-copy Sarah-+-John-Callaway-Wedding-297-copy Sarah-+-John-Callaway-Wedding-218-copy Sarah-+-John-Callaway-Wedding-200-copy Sarah-+-John-Callaway-Wedding-197-copy Leila-+-Tom-Wedding-491-copy Leila-+-Tom-Wedding-371-copy Leila-+-Tom-Wedding-252-copy Leila-+-Tom-Wedding-175-copy Leila-+-Tom-Wedding-139-copy Leila-+-Tom-Wedding-108-copy Lauren-+-Brad-Shrader-Wedding-822-copy Lauren-+-Brad-Shrader-Wedding-745-copy Lauren-+-Brad-Shrader-Wedding-687-copy Lauren-+-Brad-Shrader-Wedding-448-copy Keara-+-Ralph-Wedding-645-copy Keara-+-Ralph-Wedding-309-copy Keara-+-Ralph-Wedding-291-copy Keara-+-Ralph-Wedding-214-copy Josh-+-Leah-Wedding-538-copy Josh-+-Leah-Wedding-278-copy Josh-+-Leah-Wedding-263-copy Josh-+-Leah-Wedding-254-copy Josh-+-Leah-Wedding-225-copy Josh-+-Leah-Wedding-100-copy Erica-+-Derrick-Wedding-at-Bluewater-Grill-346-copy