As a professional, you know you need a good headshot. Unfortunately, if you’re getting your inspiration from a hallway full of photos of past university presidents or the real estate agent faces you see on bus stop benches, you’re missing something.

No offense to those real estate agents. (Call me. I can help you.) But can we agree that the cheesy smile, the perfect head tilt, the first suit you ever owned, and the white background are past their prime?


When people see your headshot on your website, it might be the first taste they get of who you are. There are two points that are important immediately:

  1. The photo needs to look like you. This means you shouldn’t still be using a photo from five or 10 years ago.
  2. The photo needs to look like you meant it. This means not asking your spouse to take your photo in front of your living room wall, or digging up your most-liked Facebook profile picture.

So, you get an updated shot from a professional photographer. That will solve the two problems listed above, but if you’re not careful, it can cause another problem: boring photos.

Someone has to say it: the traditional corporate headshots suck. They’re all the same. If you crossed your eyes a little while looking at a bunch of them at once, you couldn’t pick out your own mother. No matter what line of work you’re in, you want your business to stand out, drawing attention and new customers. So why allow your headshot to blend in?


Get ready to get noticed. This is your corporate headshot, elevated.

Dress to Impress

Sure, your shirt and jacket look great! Just like everyone else!

You can do better. For your Executive Style photo shoot, I’m going to ask you to don your BEST clothes, even if you have to borrow them. I’m talking double-breasted suits, pocket squares, bow ties, suspenders, hats, you name it: the more outrageous, the better. Because why not? We can always tone it down, but you’ll be amazed at the incredible shots we can capture when you take what you might consider a fashion risk in your daily life.


Think elegant. Think bold. Think, “I’m attending the Academy Awards and I will be seen on the Best Dressed list tomorrow.” Then step in front of the camera.

You’re More Than Your Head

The word “headshot” naturally implies that we’ll be taking a shot of your head, but there are no rules. We can take full-body shots, action shots, and group shots. We want to see you at your best, so why limit ourselves to the chest up?

What Is Your Brand?

Why do headshots of real estate agents (yeah, I’m talking to you again), corporate CEOs, bankers, consultants, marketers, and dog trainers all look the same? You all do very different jobs and should have very different brands to go along with it. Your headshots should reflect who you are and what you do.

The Elevated Headshot

I’m proud to elevate headshots to a new level of excellence with unique posing, expert lighting, and hand-painted backdrops in beautiful, rich tones. The goal is to create magazine-quality images for your marketing and branding, images that naturally attract attention. The truth is, a unique, high-quality headshot is one of the simplest steps you can take to create a positive, clear personal or business brand online.


Curious yet? I hope so. Learn more about Executive Style photo shoots, and take special notice of the testimonials from people who elevated their own headshots. It could change your whole business for the better.