We want to help you celebrate the warm weather and beautiful colors that come with spring! Let’s shake off those dark winter days, and embrace the bright new season.  We’ve put together some tips and tricks that will guarantee a stress-free and flawless day for your spring portrait session.  That way, we can capture your true excitement after you put your winter coat back in storage.

Tip One: Wear Layers

Springtime can be fickle as the weather can switch from shivering cold to sweltering heat in a matter of minutes.  And we want your family to be as comfortable as possible as we capture beautiful photos of you all together.  So wearing layers such as cardigans, vests and scarves is one of our top suggestions.  That way, you can put on or peel off layers as you see fit.  Bonus to wearing layers: you can get a variety of looks throughout your photo session as you add or remove layers.

Tip Two: Location, Location, Location

You want gorgeous photography? Then you can bet we will take advantage of the beautiful springtime scenery! We create art through the lens of our cameras, but there’s nothing wrong with letting mother-nature do some of the work.  Fresh air, blooming flowers, and new buds on the trees.  Sounds like the perfect background for any photo shoot.  Think about your favorite locations, and let us know if there’s a place that really stands out to you.  If not, we have a few fantastic suggestions as well.


Tip Three: Make Your Outfits Colorful

Play into the colors of the season when choosing outfits for your family.  Similar to the flourishing blossoms, your clothes should pop with color to accentuate the time of year.  Green, pink, blue and yellow are always a hit in the coming months.  We recommend choosing a color theme for the whole family so that you look crisp and coordinated.  Then slightly deviate from being overly matched by adding accessories to keep things interesting.

Tip Four: Speaking Of Accessories…

Wear them!  Add some fun accessories to create diversity in your outfits. Choose jewelry, scarves, or prints that play into the spring theme.  Adding butterflies, insects, flowers, and birds to your look can make for some truly adorable pictures. You can even get creative with colorful headbands and hair-clips for young children.  It’s good to look cohesive, and then accessories can accentuate your different styles to add interest.


Tip Five: Time It Right

If you book a session too early, then you may miss out on those spring colors.  We want your scenery to have buds, not mud.  And if you book a session too late, then you may have skipped over spring and moved right into summer.  We want your photos to be perfect and based on the theme you’re going for. So keep an eye on the weather and give your photographer a call when the timing is right.  We will do our best to accommodate you and your ideal weather preferences.

Tip Six: Incorporate Props

Make your photos unique and intriguing.  Choosing the right props can help promote elegant style or even family fun.  Are you wanting an Easter theme? Add eggs or bunnies. Are posing with small children? Add baskets, wagons, or blankets.


Tip Seven: Fashion And Function

Before frolicking through a field of sunflowers or laying across a fallen tree, it is useful to consider the functionality of the clothing and location you have chosen.  We want to capture the best photos possible, while you are also feeling comfortable and clean.  If you are feeling particularly active, it is important to test out your clothing to make sure dresses don’t fly up in the wind and new clothing doesn’t pinch or ride up when you switch from sitting and standing.  You should also really think about your footwear.  Flip-flops and heels do not do well on soft or wet ground. Throw on something comfy and functional instead.

So grab your favorite spring outfit, your family, and maybe even some sunscreen! After all, the sun is coming out and we’ll be ready to bask in its warmth.  Give us a call as soon as you’re ready to book a session.