As a wedding photographer from Los Angeles, I’ve been exposed to cutting edge techniques in photography that push the boundaries of tradition and allow for full creative expression. This post aims to enlighten those of you who want to know exactly what the term “modern” means in regards to wedding photography in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Wilmington is a special place. It seems to be caught between an explosion of progression and a deep-seated love for history and custom among its residents. Wilmington is a city whose identity is always changing, and it is important for its photographers to change alongside it!

As one of Wilmington’s top wedding photographers, I hold myself accountable to constantly evaluate my style as an artist. Below is a link to some of my most recent work. You can clearly see the heavy influence that fashion has had on my photographs. Fashion is a huge part of the modern bride’s life, and I’m proud that I can offer my clients insight into what makes a “fashion-esque” wedding photo.

modern bridal portraits in asheville nc

modern bridal portraits in asheville nc

Fashion is an ever-changing industry, and I love proactively checking blogs and magazines to see what the latest trends and ideas are, and how they can inspire me to think outside the box!

Modern Wilmington wedding photography is more than just using an expensive digital camera. It’s about creating art that the client loves and I can be proud of. The photo below links to a BEAUTIFUL photoshoot of a “trash the dress” session I did in California. This is what modern wedding photography is all about!

modern trash the dress photoshoot

modern trash the dress photoshoot

I completely understand that most couples are hesitant to hire a photographer that actively seeks to turn a blind eye to what’s “normal” and “safe”. Most brides will make an effort to work with a wedding photographer that has been doing similar work for years, and will consistently produce predictable results. There’s nothing wrong with that! I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. And to be absolutely honest with you, work got a little stale! I wasn’t allowing myself to express who I was as an artist, and instead I was only focusing on getting as many clients as I could.

Below is a link to a wedding I shot with heavy notes of tradition and custom. I couldn’t ask for nicer clients, and their family were some of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. However, everything was very predictable. I knew exactly what to do and when to do it, and the photos turned out great. But the creativity just wasn’t there!

Malibu California Wedding at the Bel-Air Bay Club

malibu california wedding at the bel-air bay club

Being a top Wilmington NC wedding photographer has taught me so much about how to connect with my clients. When I moved here I told myself I would start fresh, and only work with couples who liked the same things I did and truly loved my style. And it has paid off so much!

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to fly back to California and work with an amazing couple on their engagement shoot. Kimmy & Phong flew me across the country because they loved my work so much! I can’t tell you how excited it made me to have my work valued that much. Here is a link to their engagement photo shoot in the GORGEOUS Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite National Park Engagement Photoshoot

yosemite national park engagement photoshoot

Finally, being a top Wilmington NC wedding photographer has afforded me the opportunity to work with different cultures. Most recently I was exposed to the Armenian culture, and man do they know how to party! A wedding is the ultimate celebration of life in the eyes of Armenians, and I was so happy to be a part of it. Below is a link to James & Anna’s wedding in Forest Hills. Notice how elegant everything looks from the wedding dress to the dance floor. STUNNING!

a traditional Wilmington wedding with a modern twist

a traditional Wilmington wedding with a modern twist

Are you getting married? If you are a bride whose style is a bit on the edgy and modern side, click the link below to contact me and see if your date is available in my calendar. Remember! I only shoot 20 weddings per year so my calendar is limited!

I would rather shave my eyebrows than not have Marcus photograph my wedding!